E-IMAGE, presents the best-selling tripods in Latin America.

Pinnacle Group, master distributor of major brands in the audiovisual market in Latin America, such as Hollyland, AIDA Imaging, Yololiv, Kiloview, and SKB, and Blackmagic reseller in Argentina, currently partnered with the E-IMAGE factory, offering very attractive prices for our resellers and customers.

E-IMAGE continues to develop and further improve its product line with new technologies and top-notch materials, in the line that goes from Pro AV like the EK610 tripod, which offers excellent stability with the two-stage aluminum tube.

The EK610, which is the best-selling tripod in Latin America, features ergonomic leg adjustment knobs that provide quick tripod height adjustment with a strong lock and provide smooth operation while recording with camcorder or cameras, it has a counterweight fixed that helps the fluid head to support loads of up to 4 kg, with head and ball adjustment for stability. It is compatible with E-IMAGE dollies (such as the EI 7005 and EI 7004 models).

But if you need a slightly more robust support, you can count on the EI7050AA, an ideal tripod system for light and small video cameras (it has an installed counterweight).

The EI7050AA gives you the confidence to move forward with confidence in light, fluid movements. The head and legs incorporate a 65 mm ball and is capable of extending in height up to 160 cm and supports a maximum load of 5 kg.

The brand is so confident in the quality of its products that it grants a lifetime guarantee on its entire line, differentiating itself from the entire market, which generally grants a maximum of 1 year.

For these reasons, it has stood out in the audiovisual market with its high-quality products and a wide variety of accessories such as tripods, dollies, microphones, bags, and backpacks, among others.

The kits were already great cost-benefit ratios but now have unbeatable values ​​compared to other similar products.

Currently the brand has infallible promotions with immediate delivery. Find an authorized dealer right now to buy your equipment. Consult the entire E-IMAGE line on the web www.gpinnacle.com and see which product best suits your productions.

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