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Kiloview is a manufacturer of IP-based video transmission solutions, with products in the range of encoding, decoding, conversion, switching and transmission; It is a new brand with an immediate and promising future, which offers innovative solutions at affordable costs.

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The brand is recognized for the professional broadcast-quality NDI converter, N30 12G-SDI/Full NDI. This is a bidirectional converter that works with 4K 12G-SDI video signals. In encoder mode, the SDI output functions as an input loop for monitor display. In decoder mode, it outputs 4K 12G-SDI video from Full NDI.

Kiloview N1 allows SDI video to be transmitted over an NDI IP network with Wi-Fi and battery power. The portable drive inputs SDI video up to 1080p60 and outputs the signal via the included USB expansion adapter for use in your streaming NDI video workflow.

On the other hand, the Kiloview N2 product makes it easy to share Full HD videos over NDI IP network with the portable wireless HDMI to NDI encoder. HDMI video up to 1080p60 can be input and output over Wi-Fi or over Ethernet via the included USB expansion adapter for use in your streaming NDI video workflow.

The Kiloview N1/N2 are compatible with the NDI|HX/RTMP/RTSP/SRT/HLS/TS media transmission protocols over UDP and with H.264/AVC/MJPEG compression, thus giving the possibility of working with a large variety of platforms with very low latency. Both contain a built-in 5GHz enhanced WiFi module that achieves more stable wireless transmission. It also supports 4G-Lte USB dongle for mobile applications, they are portable and have cooling fan


The Kiloview U40 encoder converts 4K P60 HDMI to high-bandwidth Full NDI without image quality loss. This item features a camera-mounted shoe (vertical or horizontal position), a single cable, and is the smallest and most powerful NDI encoder to enjoy the benefits of IP-based streaming with ultra-high image quality and ultra-low latency. It has two ethernet ports and also converts IP streams like RTSP, RTMP, SRT, TS-UDP, HLS to NDI|HX, making your camera more versatile.

You can also find products such as the P series 4G cellular link video encoder, which is a high-end professional encoding device specially designed for mobile applications. It adopts KiloLink, Kiloview’s proprietary algorithm for solving poor connectivity problems. It is perfectly suited for outdoor broadcasting and broadcasting in live event settings such as concerts, football matches, etc.

“In the audiovisual market it’s usual for factories to look for companies that represent them and can offer their distribution, support, assistance and other services. On this occasion, we are pleased and happy to be chosen by Kiloview as an official distributor for Latin America” commented the CEO of Pinnacle Group, Ricardo Lopez, about the beginning of the relationship with the Chinese company.

 To Pinnacle Group it is very important to be an official distributor, since in this way it can offer a complete service based on pre-sales and assistance and that aims to assist clients in finding what they need, be it a converter, transmitter or decoder.

After the sale, Pinnacle Group provides official and specialized technical support of the brands for any questions that may arise in the use of the product.





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